What is better than owning your own home? Getting paid to buy it! With our Buyer Rebate program, we have made it possible for you to get up to 1% cash back when you close on your home. Doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new construction or pre-owned home, condo or house, residential or even commercial properties. You CAN get cash back on any of them! Make sure to register here to qualify for your cash back before you look for a home in Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley, North Las Vegas, or anywhere in Nevada!


How is This Possible?

When a seller lists their home with a real estate agent, they pay a commission to the listing agent and the agent who brings in a buyer for the property. In a traditional real estate transaction, the buyer’s agent keeps the whole commission in exchange for providing the buyer with a broad range of services. Such services could include but not limited to showing the buyer multiple homes, setting up home inspections and contract negotiations. By automating most of the processes and minimizing expenses, we are able to achieve significant costs savings and we are passing the savings on to you. For example, this plain but functional website costs less than $50 to set up, while other real estate companies can easily spend more than $10,000 developing their pretty websites.

How Much Can I Get Back?

1% of the sales price of home, or up to 50% of the total buyer’s agent commission, whichever is less.

Is This Legal?

YES! State and Federal laws prohibit giving rebates or “kickbacks” to third parties not directly involved in the transaction. Commission rebates are only legal if they are given directly to the buyer by the buyer’s agent or broker, and only at the close of escrow.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s easy and only takes a few minutes! Here are the steps:

  1. Register for the program here.
  2. Get a mortgage loan pre-approval. We provide a fast, free one here. If you already have one, you can click here to send it to us.
  3. Search for your dream home using our built-in MLS portal here.
  4. Drive by and check out the home in person.
  5. If you like the home, we can request more interior pictures or video if available.
  6. We will provide you a comparison report of how much similar homes in the area are selling or have been sold for.
  7. We will guide you on making an offer at a fair price on the home.
  8. When the offer is accepted, we will schedule an inspection on the home. You will have the option to hire a licensed home inspector.
  9. If everything is satisfactory, we will proceed with the transaction and closing. If not, you will have 7 days to change your mind for ANY reason.
  10. You will have access to a fully licensed transaction coordinator which will guide you every step of the way until closing.

That’s it! In just a few weeks you’ll be a proud new homeowner!

What If I Need a Full Service Agent?

No problem! We also provide traditional buyer agent services which includes home showings prior to sending an offer on the home. Will you still get cash back at closing? Absolutely! You will get a 0.5% rebate or 15% of the of the total buyer’s agent commission, whichever is less.

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